Vision, mission and values


Our vision and mission are our guiding stars, which we always keep within our sight to make sure that we are going in the right direction.

Provide high performance counting and sorting systems for global deposit markets

Provide high performance counting and sorting systems for global deposit markets

Anker Andersen want to use our knowledge, competences and experience to develop systems for counting and sorting of used beverage containers for the benefit of consumers, businesses, public authorities and ultimately the environment.

We want to continue our growth and role as innovative pioneers within our business line – both with regard to patented high performance technology and products as well as advice and consultancy when it comes to designing and implementing Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) globally.

It is our mission to be agile and orderly and to be an attractive and customer-focused business partner.

Provide innovative technologies in global sustainable recycling

Provide innovative technologies in global sustainable recycling

Anker Andersen want to increase the reuse of raw materials and to contribute to a reduction in global waste by developing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing high performance counting and sorting systems for used beverage containers.

Recyclability is a global vision and is ultimately for the benefit of the entire world, nature and humanity.

Thus, Anker Andersen contribute to global efforts to combat climate challenges and to reach environmental sustainability and a circular economy.


Our values shape us and define our actions every single day


Customer Focus

[A business philosophy that places the customer at the center of all business development and management decisions]

Our customers are the ones who pay our bills, salaries and contribute to a positive financial result. For that reason, our focus is on the customers, their requirements and the solutions they demand.

Customer focus is a keyword in all stages and all departments – from the first initial meetings, until placing of orders, and finally when the counting and sorting systems are manufactured, commissioned and maintained.


Pioneering Spirit

[A willingness to endure hardship in order to explore new places or try out new things]

Our technical and commercial results are highly a result of a fundamental willingness to be innovative and creative front-runners.

There is a constant curiosity and urge among all employees to explore new technologies, methods and markets, and this pioneering spirit is greatly appreciated and encouraged, as it is a valuable and important asset of our company.



[able to move quickly and easily]

We want to be a dynamic company, who have the ability to adapt quickly to new cultures, political changes, market conditions, and business opportunities.

It requires determination and abilities to be ready to embrace changes concerning technical and commercial opportunities and challenges - both for the company as a whole and for the single employee as regards professionalism and human qualities.



[the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient]

Co-operation and helpfulness are keywords, which characterize our employees and their mutual relations.

The loyalty and solidarity, which arise from this teamwork, form the basis of our service-minded approach to our customers and our ability to develop customized products and solutions of high quality.



[good or peaceful behavior in line with ethical standards]

Respect and trust are built through honesty and by behaving and treating other people properly. “We do what we say, and say what we do” and “a deal is a deal” are fundamental rules of conduct, which apply to all our employees.

Above has a direct impact on our customers, suppliers and partners, who will experience this orderliness in all our actions.