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Anker Andersen A/S is market leading within high performance counting and sorting systems, and together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive product range for DRS markets globally

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We are an agile and customer-focused company, where a competent management and committed and skilled employees shall ensure the future growth and internationalization.

We use our competences and our pioneering spirit to achieve development and success, and we work project-orientated with the individual customer requests and when giving advice/consultancy in connection with design and implementation of Deposit Return Schemes globally.

We are constantly working to convert our experience and knowledge into new and even better solutions, and in that way contributing to a reduction of global waste and an increase of the reuse of raw materials – living up to our vision “to provide innovative technologies in global sustainable recycling”.

Our History

Our History

Anker Andersen A/S was established in 1945 by Mr. Anker Andersen, and our company name is thus inseparably associated with the name and achievements of our founder. Today the company name has become a symbol of intelligent, innovative and high performance solutions of high quality.

For many years Anker Andersen A/S undertook the manufacture of equipment for breweries, soft drink companies, diaries etc. However, in 2002/2003 we received orders from Dansk Retursystem A/S (administrator and operator of the Danish deposit and return system) for supply of sorting lines/compactors to the retail industry. In the same period, we developed our first high-speed counting and sorting systems for used beverage containers for the national counting centers in Denmark.

Since then we have specialized further in our core business; to provide high performance solutions for counting and sorting of refillable and non-refillable used beverage containers for the deposit markets globally.

Since 2020, we are fully owned by the Swedish company RVM Systems AB, who is leading supplier of reverse vending solutions worldwide with a comprehensive range of both standalone and modular customizable reverse vending machines. 


Management (CEO) Anders Topp Daugaard

The CEO’s primary responsibilities include full responsibility for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to strategic directions.

The objectives are to achieve growth and results through customer satisfaction and new business areas.

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