Anker Andersen A/S is the leading global supplier of industrial high performance machines (HLZ®) for counting and sorting of refillable and non-refillable used beverage containers with deposit (UBCs). HLZ® is a registered trademark of Anker Andersen A/S.

Our highly efficient and reliable HLZ® machines are made of 100% stainless steel, and with their modularity, they are sufficiently flexible to meet customer-specific requirements.

The HLZ® systems are installed in for example, bottle depots, counting centers and redemption and collection centers, which receive mixed batches of used beverage containers from retailers,  HoReCa businesses or consumers. The HLZ® systems count and sort the beverages containers into the required fractions, free selectable.

Capacity, accuracy and approvals
The capacity of our HLZ® high performance counting and sorting machines ranges from 100–300 containers/minute, and they have a registration accuracy of ≥99.5% and are all CE marked and UL, CSA or SAA approved.

Reading of bar codes and material sorting
In the scanner unit of the HLZ® machines, high-tech cameras register EAN bar codes, security marks and/or QR codes on the beverage containers in order to determine whether they are redeemable. Subsequently, the UBCs are sorted into the required material fractions. At so-called no-read stations, unknown beverage containers are registered manually. 


HLZ MD Ultra

HLZ® MD Ultra

The HLZ® MD Ultra is an industrial high performance counting and sorting machine for handling of UBCs.  The machine is equipped with a patented mono disc ultra


HLZ® MD Ultra C MS

The HLZ® MD Ultra C MS is a high performance machine for handling of UBCs. It has no barcode reading cameras and sorts the material by means of sensors and soft blow technique.

HLZ 15 Ultra batch feeded

HLZ® MD Ultra - Batch Feeded

The HLZ® MD Ultra batch feeded is a high performance counting and sorting machine. The machine features a movable smart feeder, which is capable of holding batch sizes up to 60



The HLZ® MD C MS is an industrial high-speed counting machine for handling of UBCs. The system has no barcode reading cameras, it sorts the material by means of sensors and soft blow



The HLZ® QD is a industrial high performance counting and sorting machine. It is equipped with a quattro disc inliner and has a capacity of 100-300 containers/minute.

HLZ Bulk Feeders

HLZ® Bulk Feeders

The volume of our bulk feeders ranges from 250 litres (66 gal) to 4 m(1057 gal). All bulk feeders are custom tailored and designed for 24/7 operation.

HLZ Debris Separator

HLZ® Debris Separator

The HLZ® debris separator is ideal for separation of objects like straws, strings, caps and other garbage from the used beverage containers. 



If you want to learn more about our HLZ® systems and how we work, please contact us.