Strategic change within our sales department

We are delighted to announce a strategic generational change within our sales department in line with our long-term development plan.

Effective as from 1st February 2024 our esteemed Sales Director Hans Friis Lauszus will be transitioning into the role as Business Development Director. In his new capacity, Hans will focus on pioneering initiatives to explore and develop new business areas and markets driving Anker Andersen’s ongoing innovation and development.

Stepping into the role as Sales Director (CSO) is Sébastien Koed Toullec, who has undergone an successful onboarding process as Sales Manager in the North American market. Sébastien’s dedication and proven track record make him a natural fit for this pivotal role.

Joining our team as new Sales Manager for the USA and Canada is Merete Birk Hansen. We warmly welcome Merete, confident that her fresh perspective and expertise will contribute significantly to our continued success.

In connection with above changes CEO Anders Topp Daugaard shares:

"We are thrilled about these strategic changes in our sales department and believe they will fuel our growth and expansion into new territories and markets. As always, we remain committed to providing solid solutions on the global deposit markets and supporting countries worldwide in implementing effective deposit return schemes".