Next Generation of Deposit Return Stations

Together with Dansk Retursystem A/S, who run the Danish deposit system, we work on developing the next generation of deposit return systems for handling of used beverage containers.

On 11th June 2021 a new deposit return station opened in Kalundborg, and in the years to come Dansk Retursystem A/S are planning to build a network of 36 stations on different locations all over Denmark, primarily at public recycling centres.

The great advantage of deposit return stations is that you can deliver large quantities of mixed bottles and cans at a time, and the deposit is then transferred into your bank account. The handling is fast and efficient and you avoid sticky fingers.

With this next generation of deposit return stations Dansk Retursystem A/S and Anker Andersen A/S have in co-operation found a unique solution as regards efficiency, profitability, sustainability and consumer satisfaction.

92% of all bottles and cans return to the Danish deposit system so that the aluminium, plastic and glass can be melted and turned into new bottles and cans and recycled again and again in a closed loop.

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