New Redemption Site in Townsville, Australia, with Anker Andersen Equipment

In Townsville, Australia, you will find the newly-opened “Reef Recycling” deposit site. You can drive to this depot with your used beverage containers and easily load them into the Anker Andersen HLZ® counting and sorting system.   

In the very hot and nice area of Townsville with palms and a fantastic coastline, you will find the newly-opened “Reef Recycling” deposit site. 

The Director of Reef Recycling, Lynette Lambert, has given us this friendly feedback from the opening and first day of operation:

“Please see some photos from our new site just opened. We have had an awesome start, where cars were queuing up in the driveway, and people was ready to use our new depot!

The Anker Andersen A/S machines had a really solid workout and performed very well! Several local radio and television stations came and did interviews so a very successful first day at our new site.”

Great news with a good start. Congratulations from all of us here at Anker Andersen A/S – Go Team Reef!

Please find more information about Reef Recycling.