New CEO/Managing Director

As part of the future development of Anker Andersen A/S our owner, RVM Systems AB, has decided to appoint a new managing director. Consequently, Peter Rasmussen has resigned his position after 14 years, and as of 1 May 2021 Anders Topp Daugaard has taken over the management.

Anders has an engineering background and more than 25 years' of broad technical and commercial experience within different lines of business and development of both large and small companies. Further, Anders has worked internationally for many years.

In connection with his appointment, Anders Topp Daugaard notes:

"I see great potential in Anker Andersen A/S and actually I see the company as an unpolished diamond. Through dialogue with our customers, business partners and employees we assign a high priority to customer service and satisfaction. We are known as innovative pioneers and the future holds great promise. We look forward to growth and mutually benefical success".

Anders Topp Daugaard can be reached at phone No. +45 6020 0106 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .