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We offer to train your staff to ensure successful and reliable operation of your HLZ machine.


We customise our training to the individual organisation and adapt it to the individual needs of your employees. We have training programmes for different target groups focusing on daily operation routines and preventive maintenance. Being familiar with these aspects, operators will be able to carry out first level support and to repair minor faults in connection with daily operation.


The training also includes cleaning of the HLZ high-speed counting machine. We include a special cleaning kit with every machine in order to make sure that your operators have the most efficient cleaning equipment.


 Advantages from operator training:

  • Maximum utilisation of the HLZ high-speed counting machine

  • Keeping the HLZ running at a continuously efficient level

  • Maintenance of high counting accuracy

  • Reduction of wear and tear and thereby reduction of maintenance costs

  • No break-downs due to insufficient cleaning

  • Prevention of unplanned production stops

  • Minimisation of user faults

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