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Software Licence Agreement

Anker Andersen A/S offers its customers a Software Licence Agreement covering maintenance of the operating system and application software on the HLZ high-speed counting machines.

The Software Licence Agreement includes bug fixes, extension of functionalities, security updates and graphical user interface improvements and modifications which may be dictated by national authorities responsible for the operation of the deposit refund system.  

The Software Licence Agreement ensures that the HLZ machines are operating at their optimum creating profit for our customers. Software updates are performed during normal working hours via the Internet.

Anker Andersen A/S operates with the following release concept:

  • A Maintenance Release is a release that provides cumulative bug fixes for a particular Major Release or Minor Release and as a rule, it does not contain new features or functionalities. Normally, it is installed as an add-on to the current Minor Release.
  • A Minor Release is a new release that incorporates all previous Maintenance Releases and which may contain new features.
  • A Major Release is a new release that incorporates the last Minor Release and which may include major feature changes, architectural changes, new platform support and new operating system support. Normally, a Major Release requires a new installation.

Maintenance Releases and Minor Releases are included in the Software Licence Agreement, whereas Anker Andersen A/S reserves the right to invoice Major Releases.  

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