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Service Agreement

A service agreement is an advantageous solution to guard against unexpected production stops and to keep the equipment running at its maximum at the lowest possible costs.  

When entering a service agreement with Anker Andersen, we monitor the operating hours of your HLZ high-speed counting machine online, and based on this data, we undertake preventive maintenance and replacement of relevant spare and wear parts. We provide suitable notice of our service visits so you are able to take action accordingly. 

As our customer, you do not need to have employees with technical know-how, because our trained service engineers will take care of all current replacements and repairs. 

Advantages of entering a service agreement:

  • Test and calibration of the equipment before it causes excessive losses
  • Replacement of critical components before they are worn out
  • Prevention of production stops
  • Execution of preventive maintenance when it suits you
  • Keeping the equipment at peak performance
  • Reduction of the number of no-reads
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