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Cash & Go Plus

In order to meet the demand for fast and more efficient consumer return of used beverage containers we have developed the Cash & Go Plus machine, which is a compact unit designed for consumer bulk feeding of used beverage containers.   

The ideal location of the Cash & Go machine is near large shopping malls or cash and carry markets, where it is possible for consumers to bring large quantities of used beverage containers. The Cash & Go can also be placed at waste management sites or recycling depots where consumers are bringing their waste and recyclable items anyhow. 


  • Handling of PET bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles
  • Registration of 80-150 beverage containers/minute
  • The scanner unit registers bar codes 
  • Registration accuracy: ≥99.5 %.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 8.5 x 2.3 metres (LxW)
  • Infeed: By the consumer, typically in plastic sacks
  • Sorter: Flat table-top conveyor
  • CE or UL/CSA approval.

Advantages and benefits


  • Fast and efficient return of unsorted used beverage containers (bulk feeding).
  • Reliable detection and separation into material types.
  • Industrial quality and design.
  • Simple to use and high processing speed.
  • Deposit refund guaranteed via receipt printing.
  • High hygiene and cleanliness (“no dirty fingers”).
  • Easy maintenance
  • On-line help functions and hotline support.
  • Individual solutions for integration into any location.

For more information please see our data sheet and the video of Cash & Go Plus in operation.   



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