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High-speed counting and sorting machines

Anker Andersen A/S is the leading global supplier of industrial high-speed counting machines (HLZ) for sorting and counting of non-refillable used beverage containers (UBCs) with deposit made from PET, glass or metal.  


Animation of our HLZ machine in operation

Our highly efficient and reliable HLZ machines are operated by one person and are very simple to use, and with their modularity, they are sufficiently flexible to meet customer-specific requirements.

The machines are installed in, for example, bottle depots, counting centres, redemption and collection centres which receive mixed batches of UBCs from retailers. The HLZ machines count and sort beverage containers into the required fractions before selling the  beverage containers to buyers of the raw materials. 

Capacity, accuracy and approvals 

The capacity of our HLZ high-speed counting machines ranges from 60–300 containers/minute and they have a registration accuracy of ≥99.5% and are all CE marked and UL or CSA approved.

Reading of bar codes and material sorting

In the scanner unit of the HLZ machines, high-tech cameras register EAN bar codes and security marks on the beverage containers in order to determine whether they are redeemable.

Subsequently, the UBCs are sorted into the required material fractions. At so-called no-read stations, unknown beverage containers are registered manually. 

Bottle depots and redemption centres

For bottle depots and redemption centres we have developed compact Cash & Go units for consumer bulk feeding of used beverage containers.


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