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New HLZs presented at BRAU

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At the BRAU Beviale exhibition in Nuremberg (12 – 14 November 2008) we are introducing our latest HLZ DD high-speed counting machine. The HLZ DD is equipped with the new Duo Disc inliner and reaches a capacity of up to 300 beverage containers per minute. 

We also introduce our new HLZ glass inliner, specifically developed for counting and sorting of 100 % glass bottle fractions. 

The deposit refund problematic

The new HLZ glass inliner gives the large German breweries the possibility of sorting their beverage containers and to have the deposit refunded. “We have directed our efforts to the foreign bottles that are partly mixed in the returned crates. The large breweries are loosing a lot of money on that account” says project manager Richard Christiansen. As former manager of Anker Andersen’s brewery division, he knows what he is talking about. 

Come visit us

“The BRAU Beviale exhibition provides us with an excellent opportunity to present our latest innovations. We constantly develop new and better high-speed counting machines, and target our machines at new customer segments” says Richard Christiansen. “Compared to a year ago we have now several types of counting machines which can be tailored to the requirements of the single customer. This gives us many possibilities of solving the customers’ beverage container problematic” he adds.  

Contact information

Project manager, Richard Christiansen, or mobile: +45 2966 0750.

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