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Netto counts 9000 UBCs per hour

In the German town Kitzingen near Würzburg the discounter Netto has now established another central warehouse with a counting centre. The counting centre is equipped with a HLZ DD high-speed counting machine from Anker Andersen A/S. The machine counts and sorts continuously more than 9000 UBCs per hour.  So they have to run fast to keep up with the machine. 

A capacity improvement of 50 per cent

The HLZ DD is the latest high-speed counting machine from Anker Andersen A/S, and with more than 9000 counted and sorted containers per hour the capacity has been increased by 50 percent. 

“40 million used beverage containers a year – such are the numbers of used beverage containers which Netto in Kitzingen can register, count and sort on their one HLZ DD, if they work in three shifts” says sales manager Richard Christiansen at Anker Andersen A/S, and he continues with a smile “we run fast now – really fast”. 

Anker Andersen A/S has already delivered HLZ high-speed counting machines to Netto’s eight existing central warehouses, and as a consequence of the success at Netto Kitzingen they have now placed an order for several more HLZ DD high-speed counting machines – all to be delivered in 2009.

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