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Colour Sorting of Glass Bottles

The American company CLYNK has recently placed an order for four HLZ counting and sorting machines.

The machines will be part of a new recycling facility in Northern Maine, and the scope of supply comprises three HLZ MD Ultra units for handling of CLYNK bags (as described here ).

The fourth HLZ machine is a machine dedicated to colour sorting of glass bottles.

The primary reason for investing in colour sorting of glass is to increase the material value in the recycling market.

The glass bottles are sorted out in three fractions:

  • Clear
  • Green
  • Amber 

 The sorting machine consists of a HLZ MD Ultra inliner, a colour detection unit and a sorting line with three sorting stations. The machine combines our insight in glass bottle handling with our experience in colour sorting of PET bottles.

The HLZ machine will be the first machine used for colour sorting of glass and will be up and running in May 2020.

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