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The company CLYNK with main office in Portland, Maine, and with material recovery facilities in Portland, Maine and in Scotia, New York, has developed and operates a rather unique bottle processing system:

  • The individual customer get plastic bags along with individual identification tags at the supermarket.
  • When the bag is full with empty beverage containers with deposit, the customer takes the bag to the supermarket and drops it at the drop station.
  • CLYNK retrieves the full bags on a regular basis and bring them to their material recovery facility, where the content of each bag is registered, counted and sorted by means of Anker Andersen equipment. 

The equipment used are units of the type HLZ MD Ultra, which are specically designed for handling of the relatively small plastic bags used in the CLYNK approach. The HLZ machines are designed for the highest possible thorughput and reliability in terms of registrered counting data. 

Over the last few years Anker Andersen has delivered a total of 7 HLZ machines to CLYNK, and they are in full operation in both Maine and New York with excellent results. Additional machines are under consideration.

To learn more about the unique CLYNK system, please see CLYNK's website .

To learn more about our high-speed counting and sorting units, please contact our Sales Manager Hans F. Lauszus on mobile 0045 5120 9024.


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