Anker Andersen A/S

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Our history

Anker Andersen A/S is the leading global supplier when it comes to development and manufacture of highly intelligent solutions for counting and sorting of non-refillable used beverage containers.  


Anker Andersen A/S was established in 1945 by Mr Anker Andersen and our company name is thus inseparably associated with the name and achievements of our founder. Today the company name has become a symbol of intelligent and innovative solutions of high quality.

In 1986 Mr Anker Andersen sold the company, but he remained a shareholder until 2007.

Epoch-making orders from Dansk Retursystem A/S 

For many years Anker Andersen A/S undertook the manufacture of equipment for breweries, soft drink companies, diaries etc.

However, in 2002 and 2003 we received orders from Dansk Retursystem A/S (administrator and operator of the Danish deposit/refund system) for supply of sorting lines and compactors to the retail industry.

At the same time we developed and sold our first high-speed counting machines for used beverage containers for installation in the national counting centres in Denmark.

New domicile and new owners

In spring 2005 we moved to our new domicile on Anker Andersens Vej 1 in Ølholm, and since then we have specialized further in our core business; efficient and reliable solutions for counting and sorting of non-refillable used beverage containers (UBCs) made from PET, glass or metal.

In 2007 Anker Andersen A/S was taken over by new owners, and in 2019 the Swedish investment company Färna Invest acquired all shares. Since 2020 we are fully-owned by RVM Systems AB.

We are today an international and financially strong company, who is the leading global supplier of industrial high-speed counting machines for the benefit of the environment all over the world.

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