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How we work

At Anker Andersen, we focus on every single customer, and we believe that the best way to forge fruitful partnerships and develop optimum solutions is by entering into a close dialogue with our customers. 


With years of experience in this line of business, we have great knowledge of national deposit systems worldwide and the different ways of handling used beverage containers. We constantly use this know-how when advising and guiding our customers as they decide on a HLZ high-speed counting system to suit their requirements. 

Product innovation

We allocate substantial resources for research and development in order to provide our customers with quality equipment and innovative solutions, and we are at the cutting edge of technology in a market characterised by constant change. 

Analysis and advice

When working out the best and most efficient way for our customers to deal with their used beverage containers, we ask questions regarding annual number of containers, types of containers, number of required sorting fractions, etc. On this basis, we prepare a cost-benefit analysis and provide advice for the individual customer as to which HLZ high-speed counting machine and which set-up will make the best investment, taking into account pay-back time, resale prices of raw materials, etc. We work quickly and efficiently during the project phase and are able to present our solutions within short time frames. 

A future-oriented investment

We attend to all aspects in connection with the sales of our HLZ high-speed counting machine; right from on-site installation, operator training, maintenance and software license agreements to remote support. If a customer’s requirements should change, we are naturally on-hand with expert knowledge to suggest ways to adapt the system to the changed requirements. 

Supplier and partner

We are the leading supplier and partner providing efficient and reliable high-speed counting machines. Our customers can feel assured that they will receive the best advice and the optimum solution available on the market.   
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