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Drop & Go in Denmark

In cooperation with Dansk Retursystem A/S (operator of the Danish deposit and return scheme) Anker Andersen A/S has developed a new deposit return system, where you can quickly and easily return large quantities of empty glass bottles, PET bottles and cans and have your deposit transferred to your account shortly after.


The new concept is called Drop & Go, and the machine is able to receive up to 300  bottles/cans at a time and count up to 120 beverage containers per minute, which is three times faster than the reverse vending machines we know from the stores.


At present the Drop & Go machine is tested to find out whether this return method becomes popular with the consumers, and according to plan the system will also be tested at some of the summer music festivals in Denmark.


For further information about the Drop & Go system please see this news from the Danish TV-channel TV2 Lorry:


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