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Simplifying the handling of used beverage containers

Anker Andersen A/S is the leading global supplier of industrial high-speed counting machines (HLZ) for the recycling industry. Our HLZ counting machines provide efficient and reliable counting and sorting of used beverage containers (UBCs) with deposit madeĀ from PET, glass or metal.


The Scouts in South Australia has just opened a new recycling centre with technology from Anker Andersen A/S - see news report.
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Drop & Go is a new deposit return system developed in cooperation between Dansk Retursystem A/S and Anker Andersen A/S.
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New York State Redemption Centers
Anker Andersen A/S has delivered a substantial number of our HLZ MD Ultra machines to the City of New York and Upstate New York.
Cash & Go Systems for Iceland
Endurvinnslan HF, the the deposit return system in Iceland, has placed an order for a number of Cash & Go systems.
New Counting Centres in Holland
In February 2016 Anker Andersen A/S has delivered and installed a substantial quantity of high-speed counting and sorting machines for the national deposit refund system for beverage containers in Holland.
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